Do you lead or depend on a team within your organization to get things done? The team needs to collaborate and there will likely be meetings. Don’t fall into the pitfalls of yet another meeting that seems to get you no where and waste more of your precious time.

We offer quality facilitation to design and deliver the kind of meetings that allow you to focus on getting things done by making effective use of your time. These are the kinds of meetings that build on the strengths of your teams and inspire a culture of trust and mutual respect. As long as we need to depend on others and collaborate to get the work done, the meetings aren’t going away. BGCG can help make them efficient and transformational.

Much as a conductor keeps the tempo and establishes the mood of a piece of music played by a symphony without ever touching an instrument, our skilled facilitators can help you achieve meetings that bring harmony and inspire.



Do you want to build the collaborative culture of your organization and effectively train your teams in the areas of diversity, communication and interest-based problem solving?

Our skills discovery sessions provide an opportunity to strengthen the relationships in groups through the development of a common understanding of the themes of “collaboration” “partnership”, and “respect”. Through common experience and dialogue during the course of our sessions, groups find their trust in one another improved and their commitment to common purpose reinforced. Oh, and there’s often a lot of laughter involved.

Our promise to you – these will be no run of the mill, “death by powerpoint”, trainings. Our skilled trainers make learning fun.



Are you committed to data driven solutions? Do you yearn for the insights necessary to achieve elegant outcomes and improved relationships?

BGCG employs a host of assessment instruments to better understand the individuals in your organization and the organization as a whole. Our research team can design and deploy relevant survey instruments to get you the information you need to make decisions. We perform social capital and communications audits so you can better understand the software running your organization. If it is data and information you seek, we know how to find it.

In order to get where you want to go, you need to know where you are starting from.



The principles and process of interest-based, integrative or principled negotiations have applications in any venue where multiple stakeholders hope to get their needs met and come to consensus on issues while maintaining positive working relationships.

BGCG conducts training and facilitation grounded in the principles and process of interest-based negotiations.  While Deputy Director at the California Public Employees Relations Board, our founder Steve Barber, mentored by the late Roger Fisher, co-author of the seminal book Getting to Yes, developed the curriculum that was the first of its kind to introduce this negotiations philosophy to public sector labor-managment relationships.The success of this program in California became a model that was replicated throughout the US.

The principles and process have been applied successfully to:

• negotiating terms and conditions of employment
• developing environmental and ecosystem management plans
• designing public safety and disaster preparedness plans
• healing communities